Members of Ottawa’s Tech Community Get Together for First Ever “Startups and Hops”

Members of Ottawa’s Tech Community Get Together for First Ever “Startups and Hops”


On the evening of Thursday, September 28th, PinPoint Talent hosted the first ever Startups and Hops at Brig Rig Brewery West. PinPoint Talent facilitated the event as a way of bringing together members of the tech community to discuss current trends in technology, the Ottawa tech landscape, and the opportunities for local companies to create connections and potential partnerships. It was also a great chance for the featured companies get exposure within the tech community, and for attendees to learn all about exactly what these small companies do, how they operate, what kinds of technologies they’re using, and positions that they’re hiring for. The event was centred around six local startups and small companies, including ChangeJar, Farmlead, Interset, Magnet Forensics, Fullscript and Mindbridge AI. These were the companies who were in the spotlight and giving presentations, but representatives from many other companies all across Ottawa were also in attendance, including CENGN (centres of excellence in next generation networks) who wrote an article about the event that you read here.

Before the event kicked off, attendees had the chance to sample some seasonal beers and go for a tour of the brewery. It was awesome to see all the work that goes into brewing all the different varieties of beers at big rig, and to try some unique fall flavours.

Shortly after six o’clock, representatives from each of the featured companies gave a short presentation. We’d like to give a special shout out to Andrea Winter at Interset, Thusha Agampodi from Magnet Forensics, Dipalli Bhatt from Mindbrige, Lawrence Quan and Sam Lutter from Farmlead, Alix Balevi and Richard from Fullscript and Neal Stansby from Changejar for their wonderful presentations and for participating in the event. The companies’ presentations were followed by some networking time and a raffle to win some exciting prizes, including baskets full of Big Rig’s finest. 

Not only did attendees have the chance to get educated about the companies and some of the innovating technologies being developed in Canada’s capital, they also had the chance to network with over 125 members of the tech community, leading to lots of potential partnerships and collaborations. We’d like to give a special thanks to Melissa Wright from Big Rig, as she played a big role in making this event possible. Everyone here at Pinpoint Talent is already looking forward to the next Startups and Hops. We hope to see lots of new faces there, and learn about more Ottawa-housed tech companies. You can check the Startups and Hops website or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date about plans for the next event.

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