A Look Back at Technata

PinPoint Talent is thrilled to be attending this year’s Technata job fair. As the team looks forward to what 2018’s event will bring, I find myself reflecting on my own experiences from last year’s event. At Technata 2017, I was not yet part of the PinPoint Talent team. I was doing a contract placement for[…]

Battling Negativity at Work

There’s a difference between the occasional complaint or rant and having a constantly negative mindset. From time to time, even the most positive people will have down days or frustrating moments, but it’s important to stay focused on the positive and not let these individual moments transform into a consistently negative state of mind. There[…]

When Recruiting Goes Wrong

By Alex Schecter  I love being a Recruiter. I love working with different people in different companies, learning what they do, why they do it and what they need in new team members to be able to do it better. I love working with different people searching for something new, whether it’s something that fills[…]